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Welcome to Crab Island!

Welcome to Crab Island. The adventure starts here and as it progresses more of the surrounding world will be revealed and created. This wiki will expand to document the world as the players explore Crab Island, Cliffside Bay and beyond!

At this stage links will simply be added in text to this page and pages linked from here. When the content expands to a point that makes this unwieldy an index will replace this page

Crab Island is one of the larger islands located in the ‘Strait of Isles’. The Island is not officially named or settled, no one claims ownership or governance of the vast majority of the islands in this region, but many are inhabited by creatures and even some primitive societies.

Some islands are used by smugglers and Pirates, and Crab Island is rumoured to be one of these

This adventure begins with the players being ship wreaked as they attempt passage through the Straits of Isles to reach Cliffside Bay during the storm season.

Our adventurers have various reasons for attempting a risky journey on the Mistress of the Sea

Main Page

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