Escape from Crab Island

Night in the cave

James (GM): Ok so you have cleared out the cave now and have 1 hour until it is dark
Whenever I want to ask you to roll Perception/Survival/Acrobatics or whatever because you are approaching something – are you happy if I just do it and add your modifiers and post the result – rather than waiting for you to roll? That will make play move much faster in this kind of turn based game

for example:
Rolling Rukes perception at +11 underground

rolling d20+11
= 13

Ruke sees nothing of interest
rolling d20+11
= 31

Ruke sees the oxygen molecules floating around him in the air and can feel the earth rotating!
im gonna use health bars on enemies too – but you wont be able to see the amount of hit points

James (GM): should be cool

Russell C.: um was that a rigged roll?

James (GM): nope

rolling d20+11
= 12

wow a 20 and a 1

rolling d20+11
= 15

Russell C.: I have shocking lag. It looks like you are rolling it, then it stops and then goes again. Looks like you are kicking it along to get the roll you want.

James (GM): hahahaha
its doesnt even show you as online?
can you control your character ok?
im just doing the /roll thing
turn the voice and video off in ur settings
will help with lag

Russell C.: How do I put a pic in?

James (GM): you have to go to the roll20 website and do it in your account
rather than in an active game like you are now
but you can turn voice and video off here I think
I see you moved Ruke into the naked mole rat lol

Gudrod: ROAR
Im gonna keeelll youu molerat!!!!
For been so Nekkkid!

Teneth: Eeeeeep

Ruke Tey: rolling d20
= 16

James (GM): Hey cool I can roll for you
Looks like ur video and audio is off now

Russell C.: How did I get next to the mushrooms? This is what happens when you eat crazy looking mushrooms. You wake up somewhere you weren’t before.

James (GM): haha
I did that

Russell C.: Did I just get my ass kicked by a naked mole rat whilst I wasn’t looking?

James (GM): He isnt real – you just see him caus you were near the mushrooms :-)

Gudrod: I want mushrooms

James (GM): are these scribbles where u want to put mushroom traps

Russell C.: Yeah its a bit see through.
So we spoke about reinforcing the choke points of the cave with the mushrooms at those points I have just drawn. And we will bunk down in the store room because its defendable.
That’s nice and snug right?

James (GM): tight fit
I pushed the crate into the entry – give some cover

Russell C.: Good idea :)

Gudrod: That was my idea Har Har Har
How will you sleep 8 hours on stone floor

James (GM): Gudrod has a good point
you have to avoid fatigued condition tomorrow
Im going to assume you will place these mushrooms as your last step
before sleeping
you have an hour
you may still want to venture outside for items to set up for the night

James (GM): Actually you all have bedrolls now – I gave you that loot from this cache

Ruke Tey: Perception roll
rolling d20+11
= 14

James (GM): Ruke senses a draft in the main chamber outside the food cache
there is a crack in the roof where air seems to be escaping
setting up the mushrooms in these positions will take tenith 10 minutes in normal conditions
Teneth: Spellcraft check
rolling d20+5
= 22

James (GM): the time it will take to position the mushrooms is irrelevant as Teneths spellcraft is so superior

Gudrod: I need to heal before the night
ill drink a potion
rolling 1d8+1
= 4
still feel a bit weak

Gudrod: better have another
rolling 1d8+1
= 9
Thats better

Russell C.: So we can light a fire? If so then we give it a go.
(are you playing as Tenneth?)

James (GM): Gudrod consumed both his potions but is full health
I can play her a bit I think
for this part
beth is well asleep

Ruke Tey: Survival roll to light a fire
rolling d20+4
= 7

James (GM): Ruke cant seem to light a fire. It seems the lack of wood is a big issue. He wastes 5 minutes before he realises this

Russell C.: Ha. Bust the crate then :P Take ten.

Ruke Tey: survival roll to try lighting fire with wood

James (GM): u wanna take 10 on survival to light fire again?
or roll – it may save u time if u roll better

Gudrod: Im going to go grab some sticks and see if I can fill this glass bottle I have with that dirty slime
If I can ill string a rope across as a trip wire that will smash it on anyone
roll acrobatics

Russell C.: Ok Gudrod sounds like a plan. I’m going to try and light this fire until it does.

Gudrod: rolling d20+

Russell C.: rolling 1d20
= 3

rolling 1d20 + 4
= 14

James (GM): Ruke gets a fire going in 5 minutes once he has wood
he has now used 10 of his 60 mins
Gudrod struggles to get the slime into the bottle. It takes him 10 minutes to get a decent amount

Teneth: Ill help you set the trap Gudrod

Gudrod: Good stuff
ill climb up and rig it
climb roll

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 17

rolling 1d20 + 4
= 7

Gudrod: rolling d20+8
= 14

James (GM): It takes Gudrod 5 minutes to hang the bottle.

Teneth: rolling d20+5
= 11

James (GM): Teneth is not a lot of help. She spends 10 minutes rigging the trip wire and telling Ruke where it is to avoid it

Russell C.: Thanks Tenneth. I’m just going to cook some food for us. (survival roll?)

James (GM): yep survival

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 22
Three course meal coming up with all the trimmings…

James (GM): Ruke finds an iron pot among the smashed crate
And quickly adds some dried rations and spices to a pot, and fills it from a small barrel of water in the food cache after Teneth purifies it with a flick of her wrist
this will be a great feed in about 30 mins
and it only takes Ruke 5 minutes to set it simmering

Russell C.: Tenneth can you set an audible trigger at the cave entrance? Using the one of your spells?

Teneth: I can but it will only last 1 hour
Is that worth it?

Russell C.: Probably not, too bad we don’t have shriekers too.

James (GM): All the mushrooms in this cave appear the same

Gudrod: We should set a watch in shifts

James (GM): The meal smells great – you feel like after eating it you might rest easier tonight

Gudrod: Im goign outside to cut some logs and create a barricade near where we are sleeping
rolling d20+5
= 6

James (GM): Gudrod chops down 5 rotten trees before he finds one good enough to make a barricade with
It takes him a good 20 minutes before he drags it back into the cave and piles the logs up

Gudrod: Lets put this mushroom near the fire
so I can create the barricade here
we can squeese past but it will give us cover
and concealment

Russell C.: Fine that do well. I will do first watch.

Teneth: Im going to leave this tanglefoot bag I found on top of the barricade
whoever is on watch use it if you need to
Ill take 2nd watch. I can use my predistigitation spell to wake me in exactly an hour

Russell C.: rolling 1d8
= 6

James (GM): heal potion roll?

Russell C.: (ruke drinks one potion) Oppps +1 to that

James (GM): Ruke seems to have regained his full strength

Teneth: I am going to use my disguise skill to make some decoys that anyone entering .ight attack
Gudrod can you cut me some saplings and reeds with your sword?
disguise roll
rolling d20+4
= 7

Teneth: this might take a while

Gudrod: rolling d20+6
= 7
I suck at cutting saplings

James (GM): 20 minutes Teneth – 10 minutes Gudrod
Teneth hangs a few broken daggers and cookware off the dummy. You will hear it if it is attacked

James (GM):Im assigning a perception bonus to every trap you make
that will roll against anyone entering stealth
to see if they see it

Teneth: im going to float that slime off the wall onto the dummy
rolling d20+5
= 9

James (GM): 10 mins – you need to practice your spells Teneth

Russell C.: LOL.
Ruke just feels like a lump on rock and sets about serving dinner.

Teneth: im going to leave my crossbow on the barricade. Anyone feel free to use it when on watch

James (GM): Rukes dinner is superb and a welcome morale boost for everyone. It is amazing how much better things look with hot food in your stomach
Everyone feels much more awake and alert now. +5 on all perception rolls until the morning
Ruke you still have a good 45 minutes spare
Gudrod and Teneth have been busy

Gudrod: Ruke – your head is half rock isnt it?
Cant you make the cave fall in or something

Russell C.: Gudrod, we want to get out right?(Ruke decides to go scout out around the the immediate vicinity of the cave – looking for any signs of local inhabitants – survival roll? +4?)

James (GM): yes survival tracking
hang on ill have to look up the terrain modifier
Soft ground DC 10 check to track
+4 only on rock
but tracking on rock is DC20

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 15
Don’t see much getting dark. Ok that’d be 11 then?

James (GM): That will do it outside the cave
just lol
so takes u 10 minutes to scout around
You see some rather large paw prints in the soft moss
and as you round some trees – you can see where something has been digging up the roots and nibbling on the bark
You also find some strange tracks around some dead rotting logs

James (GM): Looks like a snake but a multitude of small leg marks either side of the tracks

Gudrod: Im going to spend the last 15 minutes scouting outside – see what I can find
rolling d20+5
= 11

Russell C.: oh yeah creepy crawlies.
Ruke moves back to the cave, waiting until its past dusk just stealthing and watching what happens at dusk. Then once its fully dark retreat to the barricade making sure Tenneth is ok with putting the mushrooms down

James (GM): Gudrod finds another small cave 100m to the south. He looks inside briefly and sees some mushrooms that look a little different but he cant identify them
He tells Teneth
And Ruke

Teneth: I have 20 minutes – I will go check this cave out
rolling d20+6
= 26

James (GM): Tenith instantly sees a patch of shrieker mushrooms just inside the cave entrance. She is not sure how many she can float back to the cave – at least one

Teneth: spellcraft
rolling d20+5
= 20

James (GM): Teneth can float back…
rolling d6
= 1
1 mushroom only

Teneth: Ill put it right at the entrance. It might scare stealthy predators away

James (GM): Well that has set the scene for the night
+10 is the shriekers intimidate skill

Teneth: I will sing a nice song before we sleep
La la laaaa

Gudrod: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

James (GM): Ruke stands watch while the other two are sleeping
after about 40 minutes Ruke hears a loud shrieking noise
Shrieker intimidate roll
rolling d20+10
= 18

A startled whelping noise can be heard fading away
CR+1 XP awarded as the encounter was resolved without combat

James (GM): 15 minutes pass and Ruke’s watch is about to finish
perception roll from Ruke:

Ruke Tey: rolling d20+11
= 12

James (GM): lol – Ruke sees nothing – perception roll for hearing

Ruke Tey: rolling d20+11
= 15

rolling d20+13
= 15

Ruke ONLY JUST hears a rustle from the roof of the cave as if something is climbing

James (GM): Ruke – what do you do
the second roll was the unknown monsters stealth check lol
wonder how i roll without u seeing it

(To GM) rolling d20+13
= 17

James (GM): ahh figured it out

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 10
= 29

Ruke attempts to stealth (don’t have the 2nd level character sheet here – can you post it on facebook for me?)
Sort guessing where its up to.

James (GM): yep ill do it now
are you just stealthing in your current location?

James (GM): (To GM) rolling d20+16
= 17

James (GM): Ugh i seem to roll a lot of 1’s with this thing

James (GM): You hear a scrambling above you as something climbing along the roof of the cave slips and falls
It falls next to a magic mushroom and the spores deploy. It has not seen you yet

I rolled a 1 for the creatures climb check
I was hoping it could climb over you and get the others lol

Russell C.: So from hearing if stuff up badly can I pin point it so I have a better chance to see it?

James (GM): Yep it critically failed its climb check
Im just getting an image off the web
wont be a sec
Red means that mushroom has deployed spoores and wont again for 24 hours

Russell C.: I’ll go with my character as for now, caused I’d rather sit down with and go over the changed we had talked about.

James (GM): Im not going to do the custom feat anymore
Im goign to let you switch combat reflexes for the better feat at level 6
and make the grapple and use smaller creature as an improvised weapon a house rule for everyone
Also having your improvised weapon ‘smash’ for a +2 to damage and attack is a house rule for everyone
So you see a vine choker. It looks startled from the spoores and is Prone. It is not aware of you as you are stealthed.

Russell C.: What apart of the barricade is usable as a ‘smash’ weapon?

James (GM): Any of the logs can be
If you attack now he has partial cover though

Russell C.: I try to stealthily pick one up, any modifiers?

James (GM): no and since he is prone and confused and has crap perception you dont even need to roll to do that

Russell C.: Pick a sizable log (great club size) and jump onto it smashing the ‘club’ down.
Any modifiers?

James (GM): So are you jumping onto the choker?

Russell C.: Yep and smashing

James (GM): You cant occupy the same square – I would roll acrobatics to get behind him

Russell C.: Yeah but its not realistic. I want to jump on it with my full body weight from the top of the barricade and smash it as well. Can that be done?
rolling 1d20 + 6
= 18

James (GM): Yep but you physically have to occupy an adjacent square in pathfinder -
lets say you are on the edge of the barricade though that will work
or there
was that attack roll?

Russell C.: Acrobatics roll. What modifiers for attack roll?

James (GM): Theres a feat called ‘Death from above’ lol
Gives you +5 doing what you just did lol
Roll attack normally – but he takes -4 on his AC as he is prone

Russell C.: There’s a Canadian techno-dance band by the same name.

James (GM): haha

Russell C.: So +7 with strength?

James (GM): +3 is your attack
ur str modifier is +2

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 2
= 12

James (GM): and ur BaB is +1

Russell C.: Oh okay. 13 then

James (GM): Yep that hits him just

Russell C.: what a way to screw the pooch.

James (GM): Damage for that weapon is 1d10 +3
He has a pretty high AC
actually he is flat footed
you hit easily

Russell C.: So 1d10 + strength + 2 for the bust the weapon?

James (GM): oh so total will be 1d10 +5

Russell C.: rolling 1d10 + 5
= 13

James (GM): The log smashed over his head – and splinters fly everywhere.
The creature looks very hurt
it was not expecting that
Gudrod and Tenith wake up and you hear them picking up weapons
The creature stands
Attack of Opportunity Ruke

Russell C.: I go for a grapple. Is it smaller than me?

James (GM): You are medium?
Yes it is classed as a small abberation
so it is smaller

Russell C.: Yeah technically, just my move is lower cause of what I am.

James (GM): roll your CMB
Remember – a Choker is a grapple expert – this wont be easy :-)

Russell C.: Says +5 grappling.
rolling 1d20 + 5
= 16

James (GM): is the +5 for your CMD

Russell C.: Nope normally its +3 underneath it says +5 grappling

James (GM): ok cool
wow you managed to grapple a choker well done!
only just lol

Russell C.: Well what can I say?

James (GM): lol well the grapple is a standard action
you can move with him if you like

Russell C.: Can I choke it out?

James (GM): yes you can inflict unarmed strike damage now

Russell C.: Is the fire still going?

James (GM): hehe yes it is

Russell C.: I attempted to move the choker into the fire, lying on top of it if I have to make it stay there.
What do I do to make that happen?

James (GM): ok – choker gets to roll to escape the grapple again
rolling escape artist skill against your CMD

Russell C.: Stunning palm from a had butt?

James (GM): rolling d20+2
= 22

Russell C.: head

James (GM): well the choker just critical sucess on escape artist

Russell C.: It escaped…

James (GM): yerp
unless ur CMB is 22 for grapple?

Russell C.: Nope 19 :(

James (GM): if you had defeated his first escape check you would get a further +5 circumstance bonus
ok so he escapes – ill roll initiative now – although he is pretty dead from being hit with half a tree

Russell C.: What modifiers were there in place for being musroomed?

James (GM): I make mushrooms -10 perception and flat footed

Russell C.: Ok

James (GM): it doesnt effect his CMB as your just another thing he sees lol
Do you want to roll ur own initiative

Russell C.: rolling 1d20 + 2
= 11
Yep, make that no :(

James (GM): you actually improved it lol
Choker attacks Ruke

Russell C.: Sweet
Of course

James (GM): rolling d20
= 11
he hits you

rolling 1d4+3
= 7
for 7 damage
and he tries to grapple you

Russell C.: 16 hp

James (GM): rolling d20+8
= 26

Russell C.: 19 vs grapple

James (GM): he got you lol
he will constrict now

Russell C.: Yeah I figured

James (GM): rolling 1d4+3
= 4
just checking grapple rules one sec
ok thats all he can do

Teneth: I will roll acrobatics to pass through the square the choker is in
rolling d20+5
= 21

cast cure light wounds on ruke
rolling 1d8+2
= 10

James (GM): Ruke looks much better now

Ruke Tey: That dice looked like it went up the passage way lol

James (GM): yeah it did lol

Ruke Tey: how much better?

James (GM): Gudrod climbs the barricade and swings at the choker

Gudrod: Die you ugly prick!
rolling d20+7
= 22

rolling 2d6+6
= 12

Ruke Tey: Dead as dead can be.

Gudrod: That showed him
Your hit was bigger though

James (GM): ur only down 1 hp

Ruke Tey: I surprise it. May the stone ancestors curse their kind.

James (GM): Gudrod offers to take the next watch

Ruke Tey: Thanks Gudrod.
(how much did the cure light wounds heal?)

James (GM): it healed 10
lol thats epic health!

Ruke Tey: Ha!

James (GM): ur at 22 of 23 hp now I think

Ruke Tey: Indeed.

James (GM): unlike a potion – you get the caster level of the character added to the spell
so d8+2 for Teneth now

Ruke Tey: Yeah that’s right :)

Teneth: I will cast a spell to wake me in 1 hour to take watch Gudrod

James (GM): Gudrod sits there for an hour and nothing happens
Teneth wakes and takes watch.

Teneth: I will sit watch for 2 hours
After about an hour and a half Teneth hears a shrieking noise but it abruptly comes to a halt
(To GM) rolling d20+11
= 18

James (GM): Rolling for tripwire trap
rolling d20+5
= 12
You hear a scuffle as if something was surprised

Ruke Tey: Busy place hard to get any sleep.

James (GM): Teneth only hears this – Ruke and Gudrod are still sleeping :-)
rolling bluff for the dummy
rolling d20+4
= 15

(To GM) rolling d20+1
= 5

James (GM): you hear a growl and some loud banging
This wakes you all. Something has torn the dummy Teneth built apart
you expect it is probably sickened by the poison now

Ruke Tey: Meeowww!

James (GM): The leapord wanders into the main chamber
and starts licking the cooking pot
it looks disoriented

Gudrod: It looks like a cat on Shrooms with the munchies

Ruke Tey: Does it look like a threat?

James (GM): It is a natural predator – it is hunting

Ruke Tey: Its now stoned and hunting so it would have the munchies…

James (GM): Yep – the dummy was coated in slime too – so it is sickened
it will be flat footed from the shrooms and it will unlikely spot you with its perception penalty
sickened -2 on attack rolls

Ruke Tey: Okay motion for everyone to wait where they are. I stealth to there so I am within sprinting distance of the iron pot.

James (GM): Gudrod asks if he should go kill it before it eats all our leftovers?
Gudrod and teneth nod

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 10
= 19

James (GM): Perception roll for cat -
rolling d20-3
= 5
The cat bangs its head on the pot

Ruke Tey: I saw that was I supposed to?

James (GM): yeah i didnt bother hiding it as I knew it would fail lol
couldnt beat 19 with the -3

Ruke Tey: Anyway. I then sprint there grab the pot and hit the leopard with it

James (GM): His head is actually in the pot
so make another stealth roll
to see if he hears you sprinting
rolling d20-3
= 1

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 10
= 25
If so I kick the pot instead using it like a weapon?

James (GM): Yep thats cool
Wanna smash the pot as well?

Ruke Tey: We might have to use it again,so no.

James (GM): ok cool

Ruke Tey: What to hit and damage if I do?

James (GM): roll attack
im treating cat as prone since its head is in a pot
actually you cant realistically miss
Its a big pot.
I think d10 plus modifiers

Ruke Tey: So auto hit 1d10 + 2?

James (GM): so d10 +3

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d10 + 3
= 9

James (GM): its plus 3 because ill treat it as a 2h weapon

Ruke Tey: Okay

James (GM): Cat gets the staggered condition

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): meaning it can only take a move action next round lol

Ruke Tey: Its head is out of the pot?

James (GM): Not yet
roll initiative – or u can take the hero lab one
that was surprise round – combat starts now lol
I gotta stop picking enemies with Grapple lol

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 2
= 5
That sucked it looked like it bounced off something lol

James (GM): Teneth grabs her loaded crossbow and fires at the cat
rolling d20+2
= 20

rolling d8
= 2
yeah its a bit weird lol
Teneth shoots the cat and wounds it slightly
Teneth reloads her crossbow

James (GM): the cat pulls its head out of the pot. There is congealed cold stew mushed through its fur and clogging its whiskers. It looks around as if saying ‘WTF
rolling d20+7
= 13

Gudrod swings his sword in a big arc and narrowly misses the cat
Ruke – your move

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 2
= 20
Ruke picks up the pot and swings it at the cat. Meeoow!
rolling 1d10 + 3
= 13

Actually it was 21 I forgot to add BAB.
So +3 to hit

James (GM): lol
Thats one dead cat
im gonna have to get CR3 monsters you guys kill these too easy
although if they get a good attack on you they can hurt
the Choker did more than I expected
All the conditions also make them easier

Ruke Tey: Yeah out in the open the cat would have been trouble unless Gudrod got a good shot in. Ruke probably would have struggled.

James (GM): Teneth throws a few more pieces of wood on the fire
Yeah it had 2 claw attacks and a grapple and rake

Ruke Tey: How big is Tenneth’s HP bar?

James (GM): it just never got to attack lol

Ruke Tey: Yeah stoners never do too good.

James (GM): You hear some massive cracks of lightening from outside as you settle back to sleep
Teneth is still on watch for a little longer
You avoided a CR4 encounter with the storm
Im goign to award the XP for that at CR5
I thought you would set up camp near the front of the cave to defend it lol
thats a decent amount of XP

James (GM): The storm passes after about 20 minutes
Teneth wakes up Gudrod. Gudrod offers to take 2 hours watch
Gudrods watch is uneventful
he wakes Ruke – most of the night has passed now

Ruke Tey: Ruke decides to meditate for a while just incase (no real game affect)

James (GM): After an Hour Ruke wakes Teneth again
I assume lol
perception roll Teneth
rolling d20+6
= 17

Teneth hears echoes in the cave – it sounds like many people are entering
she hears a bottle smash. Someone has tripped Gudrods slime trap

James (GM): Tenith wakes the others

Ruke Tey: Ruke is asleep?
Okay. Ruke readies his alchemists fire. Going to attempt to stealth to there
Cover from being on the far side of the fire?

James (GM): oops i moved u
those 3 got mushroomed
so you should make it

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 10
= 22

James (GM): easy
gudrod crouches behind the barricade

Ruke Tey: I don’t know the rules for alchemist fire though. I figure its a throwing weapon that catches fire on contact? Splash affect?

James (GM): yep one sec
when it smashes exposure to air makes it go boom
you have to succeed on a ranged touch attack to target something
otherwise I land it randomly
it does 1d6 to anyone it hits
and 1d6 the next round too if they dont put it out

Ruke Tey: Aim for the one in the middle
rolling 1d20 + 3
= 12

James (GM): splash damage is only 1 point tho

Ruke Tey: Oh well probably didn’t hit tho.

James (GM): it misses

Ruke Tey: Random

James (GM): doesnt mean you dont hit something
lol this worked out well for you
you hit a square with a stealthed Worg……
one sec

Ruke Tey: Woof! get it?
That was big

James (GM): lolol
splash damage will reveal stealthed shadow too
damn that stuffed up my uber stealth attack

Ruke Tey: Ha!

James (GM): roll d6 for damage to Worg
they would have been nasty if they stealthed in on you

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d6
= 2

James (GM): lol
they are on fire 1 more round though
so u can roll again
ok initiative time – they are aware of you now

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d6
= 3

rolling 1d20 + 2
= 21

James (GM): good initiative

Ruke Tey: Yeah surprised myself.

James (GM): what is more surprising is 2 goblins beat you
ahh they have improved initiative feat
Goblin 2 spends his turn rolling on the ground trying to put out the flames
reflex save

rolling d20 +2
= 21

James (GM): he succeeds

Ruke Tey: Niffty buggers.

James (GM): lol
Goblin 3 does the same

rolling d20+2
= 13
he fails and burns himself

Ruke Tey: So thats a shadow like not undead but non-corpreal kill you and you become one? Can only be hit by magic weapons?

James (GM): It is undead
like an undead rogue
Gudrod moves in

Ruke Tey: Different to shadows when I played before.
So when am I up?

James (GM): After Gudrod
Gudrod cleaves
rolling d20+7
= 19

rolling d20+7
= 9

James (GM): gudrod hits one
rolling 2d6+6
= 16
its dead

Gudrod the oaf walked past one
it gets an attack of opportunity
rolling d20+2
= 7

James (GM): it misses
ruke is up

Ruke Tey: Are there any sticks etc in the fire that can be thrown?

James (GM): Yep you have the throw anything feat
Teneth put fresh wood on so they are burning
ill treat them the same as the alchemist fire
if you want to go more then 20 feet throw it will be -2 though
Ruke Tey: Okay move to the fire and throw a sizable burning branch/whatever over Gudrod at the worg.
Modifiers? i.e. -

James (GM): throw from there its 20 feet
Goblins are small so you can throw over them
Ruke Tey: Okay refresh my memory on what that means?
Its shouldwork?

James (GM): no modifiers
yep ranged touch attack

Ruke Tey: Okay then +3

James (GM): yep

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 3
= 9
It blows!!!!!

James (GM): lol
it misses and sparks fly in the air as it hits the wall behind the Worg
The Worg and shadow take 1 point of splash damage

Ruke Tey: lol death by attrition

James (GM): they get a move soon :-)
Teneth commences her bardic performance
starts to sing

James (GM): Teneth inspires courage – you all get +1 to damage and attack rolls now
that takes her move to commence
The worg attacks Gudrod

James (GM): rolling 1d20+7
= 9
the worg misses

Goblin 1 attacks Gudrod
rolling 1d20 +2
= 7

the shadow sprints around the corner breaking line of sight

James (GM): and stealths
rolling d20+11
= 28

No problem stealthing :-)
im ganna leave the shadow there – you dont really know where he is now

Ruke Tey: Ok

James (GM) goblin 3 attacks Gudrod
rolling d20+2
= 14

James (GM): as Gudrod cleaved last round that is a hit
rolling d4
= 4

Gudrod attacks the Worg
rolling d20+7
= 22

rolling 2d6+6
= 10

James (GM): The Worg didnt like that!
Ruke is up
Wow this shadow is immune to a lot of stuff

Ruke Tey: Is there enough ash from the fire for me to grab? Also can I grab the pot one handed whilst moving?

James (GM): Yes you can grab the pot 1 handed – the modifier to using it as a weapon would be +2
although +3 with Teneths performance
There is cold ash around the edges you could grab
hot stuff would burn your hands
unless they are stone?
Is that a racial thing?

James (GM): actually gudrod gets +1 more damage from Tenith
ill take it off the worg

Ruke Tey: I looked and strangely not? :/
So cold ash in my left hand. Pot in the right. moving to there.

James (GM): ok cool
you can attack too this round
as your bab is +1 you can move and arm weapons as a move action

Ruke Tey: I’ll brain Goblin 3. 1d20 +4 strength, bab and song.

James (GM): cool
did that roll off the screen?

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 17

James (GM): hit
1d10 +3 damage

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d10 + 3
= 5

James (GM): That will do it
he is dead

Ruke Tey: Perception test against the stealthed shadow any mods?

James (GM): Yeh you have +5 from the meal you cooked
plus your normal mod
shadow stealth roll

Ruke Tey: +16
rolling 1d20 + 16
= 20

James (GM): rolling d20+10
= 21

Ruke Tey: Bugger!!!!!

James (GM): you see nothing
hang on
lemme check if Teneths thing effects it
naa it doesnt
Teniths turn

Ruke Tey: Ok

James (GM): clear shot with crossbow
maintains performance as a free action

Ruke Tey: Noice!

James (GM): rolling d20+3
= 4

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): Teneth shoots the roof like a noob

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): The worg turns on Ruke
rolling d20+7
= 14

Ruke Tey: what did that bounce off?

James (GM): lol invisible shadow maybe :-P

Ruke Tey: misses

James (GM): he misses you by 1

Ruke Tey: Yep

James (GM): goblin attacks gudrod
rolling d20+2
= 7

Shadow move – everyone perception
stealth check /roll d20+10

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 16
= 21

James (GM): rolling d20+10
= 19
Ruke spots the shadow
he is flying near the roof of the cave
he has moved near Tenith

Ruke Tey: Flying? Holy crap!

James (GM): yeah 60 feet loL!

Ruke Tey: I’m next?

James (GM): no Gudrod
lemme see if he can land and attack her
oops he can fly 40 feet
he stays in the corner – floating near the roof. Only ruke sees him
rolling d20+6
= 12

Teneth doesnt see him

James (GM): Gudrod attacks the worg again
rolling d20+7
= 14

rolling 2d6+6
= 10

the Worg appears like he can take a hit

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): rolling d20+7
= 26

Ruke Tey: Booom!

James (GM): rolling 2d6+6
= 12
Another dead goblin

Ruke Tey: Splatt!

James (GM): Yeah for sure lol
Ruke is up

Ruke Tey: Ruke throws the ash into the worg’s face. How does that work?

James (GM): touch attack

Ruke Tey: And if successful move through the same square as Gudrod.
So 1d20 +4

James (GM): and it will be blinded
Blinded: The creature cannot see. It takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a –4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Perception checks based on sight) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Blind creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 15

James (GM): you dont have to check acrobatics to move through an allies square

Ruke Tey: Yeah. That’s a hit.

James (GM): although you will invoke AOO

Ruke Tey: Yeah but at a minus.

James (GM): cool he is blinded
yeah correct
rolling d100
= 24

he misses
50% chance of hitting you
thats how total concealment works

Ruke Tey: Okay I though holy crap he’s been using d100 LOL

James (GM): rolling 1d20+3
= 17

Teneth shoots the Worg

Ruke Tey: Yay tenneth!

James (GM): rolling 1d8+1
= 3
Bardic performance maintained as free action

the worg attacks ruke
rolling d20+3
= 19

lol wow

Ruke Tey: Crap!

James (GM): sucks to be you

Ruke Tey: sucks to be me!

James (GM): I gave him -4 as well lol
oh hang on
you have concealment
rolling d100
= 77

lol sucks more to be you
The worg bites out blindly – and happens to land a bite on Ruke!

James (GM): rolling 1d6+4
= 6
6 damage to Ruke

Ruke Tey: Grrr!

James (GM): The roofs arent high enough to fly over you
shadow cant get past gudrod
damn lol
Shadow makes a flight check to attack you from the air
rolling 1d20+11
= 20


James (GM): higher ground advantage

Ruke Tey: yep

James (GM): 1 only
shadow attacks Ruke
rolling d20
= 7

bugger lol
he misses

Ruke Tey: Sucks to be him

James (GM): gudrod attempts to overrun the shadow
he runs at him and grabs at his feet
rolling d20+8
= 28

the shadow is pulled out of the air and flat to the floor
success margin is more than 5 – the shadow is prone

James (GM): the worg gets an AAO on Gudrod
rolling d100
= 60

no concealment

rolling d20+4
= 7

The worg fails
Back to Ruke

James (GM): You are now flanking the prone shadow
if you cant hit it you suck lol
Gudrod looks a bit worse for wear

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 5

James (GM): LOL

Ruke Tey: I suck

James (GM): hahaha you can spend a hero point to reroll!

Ruke Tey: Yeah I think so.

James (GM): noone has used any yet lol

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 11

James (GM): that hits

Ruke Tey: Not very heroic

James (GM): prone is -4

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d10 + 3
= 8

James (GM): was that an unarmed strike?

Ruke Tey: With the iron pot

James (GM): ok cool

James (GM): 2 handed?
u get +4 2handed

Ruke Tey: yeah of course I don’t have ash in my left hand any more.
ok its 9 points then :)

James (GM): yep
That seems to hurt the shadow a bit
teneth reloads crossbow
and shoots the worg

rolling 1d20+3
= 6
she misses like a noobcake

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): the worg takes a 5 foot step

Ruke Tey: AOO?

James (GM): it is no longer blinded by the ash
5 foot step does not invoke AOO :-)

Ruke Tey: bastido

James (GM): rolling d20+6
= 13

Ruke Tey: nope

James (GM): worg misses
The shadow stands up
you both get AOO

rolling d20+7
= 22

gudrod hits

Ruke Tey: rolling 1d20 + 4
= 8

James (GM): rolling 2d6+6
= 17

Ruke Tey: too busy with the worg

James (GM): Gudrod tears the shadow a new sphinkter

Ruke Tey: lol

James (GM): The Shadow was CR3
he is immune to most stuff – and if he managed to touch one of you you get strangth damage
was a shame he didnt lol

Ruke Tey: yeah tough cookies

James (GM): Gudrod up next
rolling d20+8
= 22

rolling 2d6+6
= 9

the worg is dead

James (GM): this will take you all to almost 4000 xp

Teneth heals Gudrod before goign back to sleep
rolling 1d8+2
= 7

The rest of the night passes without incident

James (GM): you all regain 1 hit point sleeping
You all awake refreshed

Cave exploration

Ruke uses his superior survival skill to predict that there will be a severe thunderstorm tonight. The group decides to head West and try to find a cave to hole up in for the night. Gudrod predicts the group is unlikely to find a cave which is not already inhabited.

Gudrod and Ruke forage as they walk westwards, and they manage to find food and water to last the group the evening. After about an hour they find the opening to what appears to be a sizeable cave. Ruke stealth’s in making full use of his affinity with caves, and he perceives something strange about a puddle of water near the entrance, and decides to avoid it. Ruke sees a small earth elemental camouflaged against a pillar of stone just inside the cave entrance. It is clear this is a summoned guardian of some sort.. but being an Oread it is one of Ruke’s ancestors. Ruke does not want to have to attack this elemental but it soon becomes clear this will not be an option.

Once combat commences Ruke warns Gudrod and Teneth to avoid the puddle, and both successfully avoid it using their acrobatics skills. Gudrod makes short work of the earth elemental with his Greatsword while Ruke struggles to damage one of his kindred.

Although they now have shelter in the entrance of the cave – the group decides that they need to fully explore it to be safe for the night. The group notices various mushrooms and patches of green slime throughout the cave. Ruke is familiar with this mushroom and knows it to release spoors that cause hallucination if you get too close. The slime is jsut best avoided everyone decides. One large patch of slime is difficult to sneak around, and Gudrod does not quite have the acrobatic skills required and slips and falls into contact with the smelly green substance. Almost immediately Gudrod seems ‘sickened’, although a quick heal spell from Teneth removes the poison are replenishes the fighters health.

Ruke has a brainwave and suggests Teneth float a mushroom ahead of them as they explore the cave. Hopefully it will release spores if any enemies are nearby and give them an advantage.

The group soon encounters a ‘Choker’ slinking around the main cavern. The floating mushroom reveals the stealthy cave dweller, and the spores released clearly have an immediate effect. The group easily manage to dispatch the halucinating, flailing Choker before it can get its hands around anyone’s neck. There is a cache of food and supplies hidden in a small alcove and the group decides to come back and make a thorough search after the cave system is clear of danger.

Exploring a northern passage the group sees a small chamber at its end with a large, evil looking plant growing there. There is a cache of gold this plant is obviously guarding. Ruke suggests that the plant is probably very slow and Teneth should take it out with her crossbow while he improvises projectiles and a sling from a broad leafed yet robust grassy reed he gathered at the cave entrance.

Once engaged the Yellow Musk Creeper attempts to spray pollen at the group but noone is hit. The group realises they need a little more distance and move back to the entrance of the passageway. Gudrod looks extremely bored as Teneth and Ruke whittle down the creeper with ranged attacks as it attempts to close the distance. This strategy proves successful in the end, and the guardian is defeated with no injury, and the group divides up the gold it was guarding.

The group heads back to the entrance and proceeds south into a broad chamber, floating another magic mushroom ahead. A group of Goblins are encountered and once hallucinating from mushroom spoors are easily dealt with by the group. There remains one passageway left which leads South West. Unfortunately the cave is too narrow to maneuver the remaining mushroom past the group without effecting them.

As Ruke stealth’s down the passageway a small chamber containing various equipment and weapons is revealed. There is another group of Goblins guarding this area. The group moves in to dispatch the Goblins – but are surprised by a powerful Worg that was hiding stealthily in a corner.

The groups most challenging battle yet commences. The Worg is not easy to damage and the multiple Goblins are a constant hindrance. Eventually after using a few healing potions the group manages victory.

They now search the empty cave network for anything of use, and find food rations, sleeping gear, flint and steel and various weapons. There is still about an hour until sunset, it is time to start to think about preparing for the night so everyone can get enough rest to avoid fatigue.

Surviving the night..

After answering the Siren’s riddle the group of adventurers are now free to enter the swamp along the raised wooden walkway that heads Northeast. The cliffs to the East have given way to swampland, and the cliffs to the West become less sheer to the NorthWest and appear to give way to mountains in the distance. There are possibly caves along the cliffs directly West, but it would require investigation to scout these out. It appears these mountains feed the swamp which must drain to the East. Gudrod looks into the sky and tells everyone they have about 4 hours until dark.

Based on his geographical knowledge, Gudrod is sure that there are many dangerous nocturnal creatures in the rainforest, mountains, caves and the swamp that hunt at night, and the safest place to stop and camp is probably the group’s current location – “We are right on the edge of these various predators feeding territories, it is inevitable we will still have to defend ourselves throughout the night, but this should be less so here. It is a bit wet underfoot and flood prone but I am sure we could make do!”

Everyone is feeling hungry and thirsty so fatigue will start to set in if they do not eat and rest soon. Gudrod is happy to push on into the swamp now if this is what the group decides. Gudrod also reminds the group that it is the storm season – so it might be a good idea if they have some shelter tonight.

The group also has the walkway, the pit trap and the log bridges across the quicksand in mind… there are more then just wild animals inhabiting this island….


Following the violent storm and destruction of the Mistress of The Sea, Teneth and Ruke find themselves washed up on a Beach in the middle of the night. Upon waking to the rising sun, they are immediately set upon by an injured Giant Crab, which they easily dispatch without taking any injury themselves.

It is clear they are in a hostile environment, and they can only assume they have washed up on one of the many unsettled islands the ship was passing. Teneth has managed to keep a dagger with her and Ruke improvises a driftwood club and some stones to use as projectile weapons as they set off to explore the beach. Rukes survival skills and his affinity with the earth beneath his feet tell him the beach is facing South.

The pair avoid the East end of the beach as they see several Giant Crabs patrolling the cliffs there. They discover a very thick rainforest to the North and some sign of a struggle and a human walking on the beach.

It appears this person was dragged to the west where there are cliffs and what could be a cave opening. The party decides to investigate Westward, and as they near the cave they find hard balls of compressed sand spread around the beach… they seem to indicate some form of large creature has been actively feeding here.

After Teneth fails miserably at stealthing into the cave they find Gudrod held captive by a distressed humanoid crablike creature – which they soon learn is a female ‘Crabman’ who can in fact understand common. Teneth makes up for her ungraceful entry to the cave with her skills in diplomacy and negotiates Gudrod’s release by promising to help find the Crab(wo)man’s mate if they can. The Crabman offers the three what equipment she has – and Tenith picks up an extra dagger and a Rapier.

Gudrod reveals they are on ‘Crab Island’ – named for the creatures that inhabit the coastline. The only chance of getting off the island is to make their way North where there is a protected cove sometimes used by smugglers, and rumour has it by Pirates more recently.

Ruke ignores the equipment offered from the crab but grabs a simple sack and finds himself another piece of driftwood to brandish.

As the three venture north into the the rainforest they decide to dispatch a giant lizard ptroling a clearing. Gudrod charges in fearlessly and executes a spectacular overrun maneuver. He then kills it with a single blow as it attempts to regain its feet. Teneth and Gudrod drink from a fountain they find in this rainforest clearing – which seems to have magical properties. Teneth deciphers the runes on the fountain and as they advise they throw a gold in to honour Desna the goddess of Luck before they drink. They both feel stronger after having a drink. Ruke declines to drink from the fountain as he will not honour another god.

After successfully passing a hazardous patch of quicksand using their acrobatic skills and some purpose cut logs lying near the trail through the rainforest the group comes upon another cave opening. The group is becoming increasingly aware that this may not be a settled island – but it is definitely not small or uninhabited.

Ruke – feeling right at home and confident in the cave ventures into the opening. There is a bloated corpse there – and Ruke cannot help but give it a poke. Unexpectedly the corpse explodes and 2 fully grown Vegepygmies emerge. Teneth throws a dagger and quickly dispatches one. Ruke trys to execute some fancy monk maneuvers – but appears to be trying to dance with the enemy and is less than effective. Gudrod splits the last Vegepygmy with his sword and the group decides to continue North along the cliffs.

As they proceed the group discovers a pit trap in the middle of the trail. The trap is uncovered and inside they discover another Crabman. Gudrod thinks it is strange that the crabman has ventured into the rainforest – but he was probably foraging extra food for his partner as she laid her eggs. What is also strange and of concern is that there are inhabitants of the island intelligent enough to set traps such as this. The group help the Crabman from the trap and direct him back towards the beach.

After dispatching a Giant Spider in a grove of enormous trees – the group is no longer without injury. Teneth feels a little pain from a spider bite and casts a spell to heal herself and cure the poison from the spider bite. The group continues North and it slowly becomes evident that the rainforest is thinning and they are entering the edge of swamplands.

The group reaches a point where it is clearly the edge of the swamp. The trail continues toward a raised wooden log walkway above the swamp. Clearly this has been built and is frequently used by someone.

Ruke notices a strange glow in a patch of water at the edge of the swamp and throws a rock in. Three sirens of the lake emerge and challenge the party with a Riddle to allow them to pass. Gudrod has no idea what they are talking about and waits patiently, ready to kill the creatures. Ruke tries to engage the Sirens in a philosophical debate – but due to his complete lack of Charisma the ladies simply ignore him.

Teneth steps forward and answers the Riddle correctly and the Sirens simply sink back into the water. Gudrod looks dissapointed and straps his sword back onto his back.

It is now getting late in the day. The adventurers must decide if it a good move to push on through the swamp – or to start thinking about finding some food and shelter for the evening. Ruke is starting to feel quite thirsty having not drunk from the fountain…


Throughout your homeland it has been a hard year (plague, drought etc. Players can decide what best fits their back story).

Due to hard times it has been necessary for you to travel to seek work/food/escape pestilence etc. This is why you are risking travel by ship to the port town of ‘Cliffside Bay’ at this time of year, notorious for violent storms at sea.

You have heard that Cliffside Bay has had a favourable season and a booming mining industry, so you are heading there to seek your fortune, or just mere survival.

You must travel through the ‘Straits of Isles’ to reach Cliffside Bay – which can only be navigated by a handful of very experienced sailors.

You have paid for passage on the ‘Mistress of the Sea’ captained by the fearless Viking Captain Hauk Wartooth. Hauk is one of the only Captain’s skilled and fearless enough to brave the Straits of Isles at this time of year.

Your adventure begins as you are passing through a chain of islands as a storm rolls in – and Captain Hauk is trying to reach deep water before the storm intensifies.

As the storm intensifies and the danger starts to become real, the fear on the passenger’s faces start’s to verge on panic. Captain Hauk Wartooth gives the order for all passengers to be confined below decks for their own safety. His first mate, Gudrod the Keen Eyed, who is well known to and respected by the passengers, efficiently ushers everyone below decks.

The reality is the Captain cannot afford hysterical passengers and inexperienced seamen getting in his crews way. It is clear he is going to need all of his and his crew’s skill and experience to get the Mistress of the Sea through this ill-timed storm.

You are huddled among the other nervous passengers. Everyone is looking at each other, hopeful that someone will speak and lighten the mood….

A dwarven blacksmith who appears a little less apprehensive than everyone else looks around with a nervous grin and announces:

“Well lads, while we are stuck in here together there’s no need to sit around like bottles of stale piss! If we are going to die together you may as well know my name. I am Klur of Norhig, and I am a journeyman Blacksmith travelling to Cliffside Bay for an opportunity to work some of this bounty of iron they are pulling out of the hills there. I don’t like not having solid ground under my feet at all… but we are where we are!”

This is the perfect time for players to introduce themselves. Whoever has the highest Charisma ability score should ‘break the ice’, and PC’s should continue in order of Charisma ability scores.

The ship is being tossed around violently and making alarming loud creaking noises as timbers are flexed to their limits. The noise gets to a point where further conversation is not possible.
This continues for an indeterminable amount of time. The passengers remain huddled together silently. Finally things seem to be a lull in the storm and the noise dies down. Passengers begin to look at each other with a glint of hope in their eyes and a slight smile of relief.

Just as everyone starts to relax the ship lurches violently to one side. The whole ship shudders and seems to pause in stasis for a second…. And then there is a huge noise and shudder as timbers break and the hull is clearly breeched. You are tossed around and before you know it, it is pitch black and water starts to swill around your feet.

Somehow you can feel the rain lashing your face and see the stormy night sky above your head all of a sudden. You realise you are neck deep in water and grab a piece or the disintegrating ship and clutch it for dear life. You hang on. And on….. for what seems a freezing tempestuous eternity..

Eventually you hear waves breaking, and feel the surge of the water begin to change. Without warning a wave breaks over you and you briefly feel sand beneath your feet. You are unceremoniously dumped into shallow water and onto solid sand when the next wave washes over you. You crawl up onto the beach and lay down, exhausted.

The tropical climate begins to immediately warm you. It is still pitch black, so you lay back and rest, relieved to be alive but apprehensive as to what the morning may bring….


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