Escape from Crab Island


Following the violent storm and destruction of the Mistress of The Sea, Teneth and Ruke find themselves washed up on a Beach in the middle of the night. Upon waking to the rising sun, they are immediately set upon by an injured Giant Crab, which they easily dispatch without taking any injury themselves.

It is clear they are in a hostile environment, and they can only assume they have washed up on one of the many unsettled islands the ship was passing. Teneth has managed to keep a dagger with her and Ruke improvises a driftwood club and some stones to use as projectile weapons as they set off to explore the beach. Rukes survival skills and his affinity with the earth beneath his feet tell him the beach is facing South.

The pair avoid the East end of the beach as they see several Giant Crabs patrolling the cliffs there. They discover a very thick rainforest to the North and some sign of a struggle and a human walking on the beach.

It appears this person was dragged to the west where there are cliffs and what could be a cave opening. The party decides to investigate Westward, and as they near the cave they find hard balls of compressed sand spread around the beach… they seem to indicate some form of large creature has been actively feeding here.

After Teneth fails miserably at stealthing into the cave they find Gudrod held captive by a distressed humanoid crablike creature – which they soon learn is a female ‘Crabman’ who can in fact understand common. Teneth makes up for her ungraceful entry to the cave with her skills in diplomacy and negotiates Gudrod’s release by promising to help find the Crab(wo)man’s mate if they can. The Crabman offers the three what equipment she has – and Tenith picks up an extra dagger and a Rapier.

Gudrod reveals they are on ‘Crab Island’ – named for the creatures that inhabit the coastline. The only chance of getting off the island is to make their way North where there is a protected cove sometimes used by smugglers, and rumour has it by Pirates more recently.

Ruke ignores the equipment offered from the crab but grabs a simple sack and finds himself another piece of driftwood to brandish.

As the three venture north into the the rainforest they decide to dispatch a giant lizard ptroling a clearing. Gudrod charges in fearlessly and executes a spectacular overrun maneuver. He then kills it with a single blow as it attempts to regain its feet. Teneth and Gudrod drink from a fountain they find in this rainforest clearing – which seems to have magical properties. Teneth deciphers the runes on the fountain and as they advise they throw a gold in to honour Desna the goddess of Luck before they drink. They both feel stronger after having a drink. Ruke declines to drink from the fountain as he will not honour another god.

After successfully passing a hazardous patch of quicksand using their acrobatic skills and some purpose cut logs lying near the trail through the rainforest the group comes upon another cave opening. The group is becoming increasingly aware that this may not be a settled island – but it is definitely not small or uninhabited.

Ruke – feeling right at home and confident in the cave ventures into the opening. There is a bloated corpse there – and Ruke cannot help but give it a poke. Unexpectedly the corpse explodes and 2 fully grown Vegepygmies emerge. Teneth throws a dagger and quickly dispatches one. Ruke trys to execute some fancy monk maneuvers – but appears to be trying to dance with the enemy and is less than effective. Gudrod splits the last Vegepygmy with his sword and the group decides to continue North along the cliffs.

As they proceed the group discovers a pit trap in the middle of the trail. The trap is uncovered and inside they discover another Crabman. Gudrod thinks it is strange that the crabman has ventured into the rainforest – but he was probably foraging extra food for his partner as she laid her eggs. What is also strange and of concern is that there are inhabitants of the island intelligent enough to set traps such as this. The group help the Crabman from the trap and direct him back towards the beach.

After dispatching a Giant Spider in a grove of enormous trees – the group is no longer without injury. Teneth feels a little pain from a spider bite and casts a spell to heal herself and cure the poison from the spider bite. The group continues North and it slowly becomes evident that the rainforest is thinning and they are entering the edge of swamplands.

The group reaches a point where it is clearly the edge of the swamp. The trail continues toward a raised wooden log walkway above the swamp. Clearly this has been built and is frequently used by someone.

Ruke notices a strange glow in a patch of water at the edge of the swamp and throws a rock in. Three sirens of the lake emerge and challenge the party with a Riddle to allow them to pass. Gudrod has no idea what they are talking about and waits patiently, ready to kill the creatures. Ruke tries to engage the Sirens in a philosophical debate – but due to his complete lack of Charisma the ladies simply ignore him.

Teneth steps forward and answers the Riddle correctly and the Sirens simply sink back into the water. Gudrod looks dissapointed and straps his sword back onto his back.

It is now getting late in the day. The adventurers must decide if it a good move to push on through the swamp – or to start thinking about finding some food and shelter for the evening. Ruke is starting to feel quite thirsty having not drunk from the fountain…



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