Escape from Crab Island

Surviving the night..

After answering the Siren’s riddle the group of adventurers are now free to enter the swamp along the raised wooden walkway that heads Northeast. The cliffs to the East have given way to swampland, and the cliffs to the West become less sheer to the NorthWest and appear to give way to mountains in the distance. There are possibly caves along the cliffs directly West, but it would require investigation to scout these out. It appears these mountains feed the swamp which must drain to the East. Gudrod looks into the sky and tells everyone they have about 4 hours until dark.

Based on his geographical knowledge, Gudrod is sure that there are many dangerous nocturnal creatures in the rainforest, mountains, caves and the swamp that hunt at night, and the safest place to stop and camp is probably the group’s current location – “We are right on the edge of these various predators feeding territories, it is inevitable we will still have to defend ourselves throughout the night, but this should be less so here. It is a bit wet underfoot and flood prone but I am sure we could make do!”

Everyone is feeling hungry and thirsty so fatigue will start to set in if they do not eat and rest soon. Gudrod is happy to push on into the swamp now if this is what the group decides. Gudrod also reminds the group that it is the storm season – so it might be a good idea if they have some shelter tonight.

The group also has the walkway, the pit trap and the log bridges across the quicksand in mind… there are more then just wild animals inhabiting this island….



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